Knight of Cups

"What kind of world do we live in where Christopher Nolan is hailed as one of the most original and visionary directors of the 21st century and Terrence Malick is labeled a boring hack who doesn't know how to make a great film?"
-Wesley R. Ball

A pretty damn good one apparently. 

Knight of Cups isn't a movie. There's no narrative, no plot and no depth. It's just a collection of images loosely edited together with a lot of voiceover. 

The film doesn't even try to engage the viewer, and from the first 5 minutes I could tell that this was going to be hard to watch. With each film past Tree of Life, which actually had some pretty recognizable themes and a story, Malick's films seem to become more and more alienating. The film is just all on the surface level, there's absolutely no depth. If you pick out themes and shit, you must be watching a different movie. This is just Malick hanging out with his celebrity friends and he just so happened to bring a camera and film it. 

Sure the cinematography is good, but everything else is just inexcusably bad. This is easily Malick's worst film, something that I don't want to have to say. He's shown so much promise in his past work (minus To The Wonder), but these new films of his are just underwhelming to say the least.

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