Moulin Rouge! ★★★½

I.....was wrong

Back in August 2016, when I first watched this film, I hated it. I thought it was obnoxious, pretentious and just plain bad. 

But after rewatching it tonight, I don't know why but something changed. I started to appreciate more about the film, like it's colors and whimsicality. Slowly and slowly, I could tell that the film was growing on me and by the time the credits came, I was in awe. 

Never have I been so wrong about a film. Don't get me wrong, it's not a masterpiece, but it's far from the piece of shit I once thought it was. It really did take a rewatch to fully understand this film. Maybe it was because I went in anticipating to hate it on my first viewing, maybe it was because I wasn't paying the fullest of attention to it, I really don't know. 

The seamless blending of the songs, incredible production design and the performances by both of the leads all contributed to this whimsical atmosphere that is grounded in the bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and above all things, Love.

I dunno what it was, but I appreciated this film much more on the rewatch. Sure I'm not a Baz Luhrmann fanboy or anything, it's just that this may be my favorite of his yet.

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