Moulin Rouge! ★★★★

This is my 4th time watching this film, and I now feel comfortable bumping my rating up to a 4/5. 

Even if you don't like the film, you have to appreciate the scope. Baz Luhrmann is a very visual filmmaker, often including little visual nuances and things that don't stick out. On this viewing I tried to look more into the backgrounds, picking out little details. Damn was I surprised how much there was. 

That and I also appreciated the film more. Even though there are some pacing issues towards the middle, the film is enjoyable from beginning to end. From someone who hated it on their first watch, I can't believe I enjoyed it that much. 

Moulin Rouge is a film that may not be appealing on a first time viewing. It's very loud, extravagant and in your face. However, repeated viewings (for me at least) helped to understand the story more, look more in to the visuals and appreciate the entire film more than I could on a first watch. 

I've come a long way from my first viewing lol. 

Moulin Rouge is a film That I'm sure to revisit many more times. If you haven't seen this one I urge you to check it out, even if you may not enjoy it on a first viewing.

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