Death Proof

Death Proof ★★★★

I guess this is the least-liked of Tarantino's work, but I think it's pretty amazing. I love love love the first hour or so. Up until Stuntman Mike gets into his car, this could pass for an early, lost Richard Linklater movie or something. The characters are interesting, realistic and we're with them on a very real-feeling night out. Kurt Russell is brilliant as Stuntman Mike. He's charming and menacing and scary and buffoonish all at once. And the way the night culminates sticks with me and probably passes through my mind anytime I drive on a country road at night.

The second half isn't nearly as good. The characters are one dimensional. Stuntman Mike kinda disappears and there's a stretch of self indulgent black and white nonsense in the director's cut. Luckily, the film ends with one of the best car chases I've ever seen and some good Stuntman Mike stuff, so it's not a complete bust.

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