Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★★★

Okay, I know this movie has its faults. And all of them lay with the things that aren't Freddy, Jason or the cinematography.

The dialogue is terrible in this. 90% of it is either awkward exposition, repeating things we already know, people putting plot points together out of thin air or recapping things from the previous films' mythology. The other 10% is just kinda silly. And, sure, that stoner kid is a lot like Jay Mewes. And, sure, no one cares about Lori's backstory and all the dumb stuff. I concede it all.

Aside from that, the movie looks amazing thanks to Ronny Yu and whoever he had working for him. Visually, this version of Freddy and Jason are both about as good as it gets (aside from maybe Jason in F13 7). I love Freddy's make up here and I love this big, slow, tragic Frankenstein-esque Jason.

Jason unrelentingly hacks up an entire party full of ravers while Freddy's (often downplayed) creepy side shows when he's busy licking pictures of kids he's killed or cutting kids' eyes out. It's probably my favorite version of both of these characters in terms of how they're portrayed.

Also, the last half hour is so bloody and over-the-top violent it makes the finale of Kill Bill look tame and realistic.

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