Rocketman ★★★★★

i only have two certainties in life: death and that every time i watch this movie i will end up crying like a little baby

dear diary,
i remember the first time i watched this movie at the cinema... it was a few days after my 19th birthday and i didn't expected much because i wasn't a huge elton john fan (and had never heard of taron) but i went to see it and i remember so clearly the feeling of sitting almost alone there (it was me and 3 random people, but i sat far from them ofcourse). and THEN the movie started. man, i didn't know it was a musical!!!! it somehow made the experience a lot more interesting because they started singing and i was so lost and at the same time so involved with everything happening in the screen!
i laughed a LOT until half of the movie or so. and then i couldn't stop crying! holy shit i cried.
i don't want to explain here again (even for myself)...

but what i want to say (for the 9th time) it's that this movie is something else! it's a great cliche movie about rising above and recovery. it's a great musical. it's a great drama. it's a great comedy. it has a great director. it has great actors. it has everything a GREAT movie should have (for me, at least). and it's not only one of my favorite movies of 2019, it's one of my lifetime. i know that i'll watch it again many times and i'll laugh at the silly jokes many times, that i'll definitely cry watching elton's relationship with his parents and with bernie, that i'll always admire the photography and the costume design and the editing (it's really amazing, just pay attention), and i'll never forget all the things i've felt watching it for the first time, and for the second, and third, etc.

i now love almost everyone who's part of this work of art and will always be grateful this exists.

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