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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Deception is a labyrinth. Once entered, only its creator is able to successfully navigate it. They alone know the correct series of decisions to find the exit. They know because they inevitably made them in its construction and navigation thereafter becomes a meticulous sequence of repetition.

    Lie, truth, lie, lie.

    More importantly, the creator must uphold the belief that they can find their way out. That they can remember their past actions. Believe with every fibre of their being in…

  • Heat



    Nothing is truly permanent. Time is the eternal thief, taking from us all that we have. Cash runs out. Buildings crumble. People leave. In the end, we are as we arrived - alone.

    If anything, time is luck. All we can do is keep placing our bets, counting our chips, and hope that someone is there when the light finally takes us.

    Criminals know this. Those who have served time, have lost something more valuable than any score could ever…

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  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Artists and poets have long mused on the endlessness of love. How, in its truest form, it elevates both parties to a place of blissful ever after. These promises, ever delicately ideal, often beat in our adolescent hearts; a steady drumming that keeps us chasing such hopeful verses.

    However, what these artists and poets disregard? The complications of love that we all encounter; bliss obscured by the mundanity. All of us, loners, stumbling through the light of day.

    Until we…

  • Heathers



    From the introductory shot, the Heathers first appear more like lawn ornaments than people. Their croquet-primary-colored-personalities sit neatly in a row behind a purposeless white fence. Heather as dictator, Heather and Heather faithfully on either side. As they rise to walk out, they seem to purposefully step on the flowers below. Crushing them in unison beneath their feet.

    These girls know better than to let new growth bloom. They have successfully formed a social clique that allows nobody else to…