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  • Death Line

    Death Line


    A day late but I watched Death Line yesterday and it certainly took me by surprise. It wasn't what I was expecting it to be at all. Granted this was released in 1972 but I think this film was way ahead of it's time. Take stock when/if you watch Death Line that It would be a few years as yet before the likes of Deodato, Lenzi and company would really set the benchmark for a cannibal film. Even more strikingly…

  • Ænigma



    Fleeting gore moments aside, Aenigma is pure drivel. It's just not interesting or engaging.

    More wooden than an IKEA flatpack.

Popular reviews

  • Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land

    Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land


    This wannabe spin on the Airport franchise has it all. A threadbare plot. Mediocre acting. Miniscule budget and is full of utterly implausible ideas.

    A 2 hour turnaround for the space shuttle Columbia? Please!

    Yet despite all of this, Starflight One is still a great slice of hokum, sub par cinema, and another hit on the Lee Majors mediocre filmometer.

    Seek this beaut out today!

  • Boss Nigger

    Boss Nigger


    This weekend, after polishing off a triple bill of Hitchcock films that I'd never seen before, I waded in, neck deep, to the world of Westerns, espionage, travel agents and extremely offensive film titles.

    My Panasonic UB820 worked it's way in to life and dutifully played back two titles that are the subject of much controversy. First up a co-directed blaxploitation film from former pro-footballer Fred Williamson and Creature From The Black Lagoon director, Jack Arnold comes 1975 Western, Boss…