Dead Tired

Dead Tired ★★★★

Bought it blind on Laserdisc. What an excellent film! Totally came out of nowhere for me!

It's fast (only 85 minutes), witty, well acted and very well shot (there's a lovely bit of camera work in the car when it stops at the motorway toll plaza). The ending is a bit odd and took me a minute to get my head around it, but it was such a good film.

The Laserdisc has magnificent audio too and sounded superb on my AV system.

Delighted I took a chance on this film. Very, very happy with it!

UPDATE 29/3/2020: Now available on Blu Ray exclusively at Amazon France. I bought a copy and it is a brilliant upgrade to the Laserdisc and DVD releases. Also on Canal+ France VOD in HD but get the Blu, it's far superior.

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