Banana Fish

Banana Fish

there are no excuses for an adaptation made in 2018 and if you think otherwise, well, i have news for you

— the side characters are all so badly written you would at least expect the main ones to not be so lame but !!! no !!! there you go !!! a japanese twink virgin student and a troubled white american male teenager that knows how to shoot a gun !!!

— features gangs, drugs, murder, several instances of rape, child abuse, racial stereotypes, and so on in the worst possible way without ever deepening on its problematics but rather as an intent to romanticize and 'develop' the protagonist (a white man)

— to no ones surprise, doesnt pass the bechdel test. misogyny is an often overlooked reality within the gay men community, and this show truly confirms they do not intend to address their wrongs (not even after almost 40 years from its original release). just say you hate women and go

— it is extremely repulsive how yoshida depicts the hypersexuality some survivors develop as a coping mechanism, and how he somehow manages to even eroticize the aftermath of abuse

— the way they had the guts to criticize american imperialism while glorifying japan's... lol

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