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  • Poor Things

    Poor Things


    "Experience everything at your free will. That will make you more of yourself."

    Tony McNamara's screenplays are all straight up literature to me: The Favourite and this. So constrained by words yet so freeing reading them. So sophisticated, abstract and symbolical sounding yet so raunchy, funny and unserious at the same time.

  • Submergence



    Alicia Vikander's character here is what's really like to be in research - anticipating a breakthrough and being hopeless. That never ending circle repeats with every publication. It's like you are being held hostage with high hopes from the government (lol the ironic parallel in the film somehow works.) 


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  • The Last 10 Years

    The Last 10 Years


    "My dear Matsuri, you really fought hard."

    For the better or worse, it feels like a good 2000 Korean drama. I watched on a hectic day so I love it. Both Nana Komatsu and Kentaro Sakaguchi are awesome, esp Nana who gave her all to the role. 

    Love that Nana did everything to lead the film except driving the story. The story is essentially moved by the time. It's heartbreaking to feel that Matsuri is getting dragged by the "year" subtitles on the screen.

  • Seoul Vibe

    Seoul Vibe


    140 mins overbudget kpop mv