I have seen the exact same general idea before and this script is sloppy as hell. 
Same concept film: "Tomorrow I will date yesterday's you (2016)"

Cinematography is too tight and doesnt even look grand. Soundtrack is noisy. At the entrace of truck scene, I thought the disk was spoiled. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The worst is the script. It hasnt been conceptualized properly. The car door is open forward but the pond shakes even before being step in? lololol. And don't start me with the corny, cringey dialogues. 

Which mother suddenly blurts out "including my son" during a briefing session that the world's ending? 

This felt like a 2000 movie. The pace didnt get up until 45-50 minutes in where the protagonist meets Sator. And too many unnecessary walking scenes and useless dialogues with no information.

This really feels like intentionally making a script look complex just to claim original and ended up being dumb.

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