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  • The Wicker Tree

    The Wicker Tree


    This film is nowhere in the same league as it's genuinely eerie predecessor, but it's still oddly watchable, and at times almost seems like a parody of the "Seemingly quaint English villagers who still worship Pagan deities" genre. It's a shame they didn't fully commit to that approach, as the comedic bits that are there work much better than the serious bits(For me, the scene with the cat was the highlight of the film).

    The main intentional(?) comedy comes from…

  • The Redeemer: Son of Satan!

    The Redeemer: Son of Satan!


    While certainly ahead of the slasher curve, this film is lackluster on it's own merits.

    The plot is simple, with six high school friends showing up to their 10 year high school reunion. Quickly they discover that they are the only ones who showed up, and when they try to exit the building they realize that they have been trapped inside by someone who seems to have some sort of a grudge against them. He then begins bumping them off…

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  • Blame



    The first installment in the six film "Films To Keep You Awake"(Peliculas Para No Dormir) anthology series of Spanish TV-movies, it works much better as a psychodrama than as a horror film. The story begins with single mother Gloria and her daughter Vicky moving in with her friend Ana, on the condition that she work in the clinic portion of the house, assisting Ana in her work as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Upon moving in, it becomes obvious that Ana has a…

  • Schizo



    This final collaboration between Walker and writer David McGillivray is slasher film that starts out a bit slow, but eventually builds to a satisfying experience overall. The story consists of a professional ice-skater who is convinced that she is being stalked by a mysterious man who wants to harm her. Like any good slasher film, there are red herrings aplenty, and some very interesting kills. Even though Walker didn't mention them in the accompanying featurette on the Redemption Blu-ray, there…