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  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    No no no no

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    Genuinely the best modern "horror" I've seen in a while. Great atmosphere, pacing, the film invites you (but does not force you) to be a part of its nightmare.

  • Marathon Man

    Marathon Man


    Conrad Hall.

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo



  • Roma



    Every scene is a postcard from another time, another place. It lingers at a contemplative slow-cinema pace and, in line with its lineage, hangs languidly on empty doorframes and spaces. Every scene is an intimate set-piece, yet its imagery uses distancing mechanisms (wide angle lenses, black & white) to tell its story. Though I would consider this movie legitimately boring-as-hell (this coming from a slow-cinema lover), I appreciate Cuarón's instinct to go back to making personal, intimate films with new production…

  • Gun Crazy

    Gun Crazy


    A moral tale of two lovers on the run from their choices, from the law, from themselves. With virtuosic cinematography well ahead of its time, you can almost feel early film-noir evolving as the film plays out. One of the only films I've seen with a gun-loving protagonist with an allergy to violence, a beautiful dichotomy that highlights our need for freedom and the true cost of isolation.

  • In the Heat of the Night

    In the Heat of the Night


    Ace directing and a compelling story. Way ahead of its time. A quiet movie that sizzles and burns with emotion and social urgency just under the surface.

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles


    35mm at the Vista theater in LA. Brought me back to watching movies with my mother as a kid, quoting Steve Martin endlessly during the car rental sequence (my first major introduction of the many uses of the F word) and rolling with laughter at all the hijinks. Despite the farce, John Candy remains human and vulnerable and this film makes me feel good all over. Gobble gobble!

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace


    Within the first two stanzas of song I was teary eyed and awestruck; this film grabbed my heart and didn't let go. Standing in awe of her great talent and spirit, giving thanks that humanity ever reached this level of expression.
    AFI 2018

  • Willow



    70mm at Aero theater with Ron Howard in person. Brought me back to being an 8 year old kid. Playful, imaginative, hilarious. Val Kilmer is amazing. Warwick Davis was only 17 years old when leading this movie. I cried twice. Good shit.

  • Eternity



    A beautifully observed film that achieves simplicity through concise and unflinching tableaus of an elderly couple trying to survive in the harsh Andes terrain. The first film ever to be entirely spoken in Aymara, an indigenous language from the south of Peru and Bolivia, the two leads give performances that can barely be characterized as acting. Left me pondering the spiritual complexities of old age, companionship and the erasure of culture.

  • Ruben Blades Is Not My Name

    Ruben Blades Is Not My Name


    Very moved by this film! I wasn't aware of Ruben or his work, but he's clearly a powerhouse artist/genius on the level with the best of the best. There's a sequence that goes back to footage of a 1978 performance of 'Plastico' that just sweeps you off your feet and clues you right into his whole philosophy. What the film itself lacks in prowess it makes up in heart tenfold.

    Saw it at Festival de Lima in Peru opening night.…