Blood Beat ★★★½

rapid onset migraine aura making already weird efforts at having sex in your college paramour's childhood home while their new agey but way uptight psychic mom you just met for the first time today which is xmas eve is in the next room over aggro-trancing post-hippie art fair art utterly impossible now has its own movie and has since at least the early 1980s! sure, i mean, why not???

ps: there is a lot of deer hunting in this movie a lot a lot of deer hunting like fall break levels of deer hunting and like, actual dead deers so if that is the kind of thing which freaks you out you are not going to be about this although i was kind of hoping for a blood beat 2 where the kids having totally dropped out of college fight off a full-on Chuck Norris-style communist invasion the following thanksgiving but that would have meant a lot more deer hunting footage so maybe not?

pps: the scariest thing in this movie is when someone requests and receives a midnight tea service on a twin waterbed containing a full-size human and a medium-to-largish dog and then also demands instant orange drink to complement their bedtime hot tea service still steeping and undulating on the water bed.

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