Cabaret ★★★★½

tfw u realise yr decadence is toxic green nail-polish, blue eyeshadow, stale clove cigarettes, some dried-out crumbly hash in the cellophane wrapper of the clove cigarettes, a brave face on an anxious loneliness while the transnational superrich regard you and your gender nonconformity, your theatrical sexuality, your declasse drugs, as an amusement or as a resource to be consumed, a trend to exploit but mess with the means of production/distribution and they won't hesitate to occupy a continent with mercenaries and vacation homes or raise a 'traditional western values' street gang to state power and if it gets a little out of hand such is the price to pay and that thesis has so far not once been disproven

the fire of personal/collective liberation and transformation vs.
an inferno which if left unchecked will consume us all

culturally they seem as if they are operating in the same space, a fluid bohemian demimonde where anyone can be anyone and anything can be anything but that is an illusion.

we do not need permission to exist. we do not require libertine charity to be ourselves. we are here in the face of eradication. we will be here after it comes and goes. we will be here after laws are passed or laws are rescinded, after we are celebrated or sanctioned or set ablaze in the hundreds or thousands by your governments or religious leaders. we will be here after your ridicule and slander and ennui. we have always been here. we are and we shall remain. you can't kill us all.