Child's Play ★★★★½

(DxN"T(???)) Get Someone 2 Watch Over U The Way [[CRCKDT]] Machines Of Loving Grace Watch Over Watch Over Watch Over Us

Latchkey Cyberpunk Scuzz Video Drift Is A Place Of Xtreme Loneliness

messy/perverse, not about killz. lingers over weird ambiguous feels too long on purpose. ucky until antisocial makes snese close enuff 2 Bad GIR slash the gif u didn't want but can't regift aerosolized wynorski blare from tinny retail loudspeakers an exploitation pipeline without end where hopelessness catches fire orss drowned in is own vacuum where every1 can maybe hear u scream over all of the other screaming chhopped/layered/repeatred on yt for 13 hrs friendz r electric snggl brrr sngglthth stoplight fail blackoutt pentagrm tamag*tchi

desperation constantly sounded so forgotten

a walking suffocation, somehow the funniest thing

responsibility interdeterminant

uncanny valleys nested ((like ill-fit coffee filters
all the way down

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