Fright Night Part 2

Fright Night Part 2 ★★★★★

I love Fright Night 2 just as much as I love the initial Fright Night, if not more. Tommy Lee Wallace is a brilliant, stylish director of horror sequelae who really loves bugs exploding from inside of people. If you are concerned that vampires are coming to this country to take our traditional horror movie hosting jobs just to replace them with old-fangled interpretive dance, Fright Night 2 will not allay those fears whatsoever! Fright Night 2 has more and better vampires, Brian Thompson as a Renfield of cultivated tastes and an extended vampire bowling party sequence. I also dig when horror sequels intro the previous film's protagonist in a therapeutic environment, now convinced that the events of the first film were entirely delusional and having to re-awaken their earlier awareness in order to triumph over the very reals whatsits that are indeed after them. So, check! Indeed, much of Fright Night 2 is a conscious reversal of all of the plot elements of Fright Night The First: Charlie is the target of vampiric seduction, Peter Vincent starts the film as a gung-ho adversary of vampires, which is good because they have just moved into his building (an apartment building I would be happy to call home! vampire or otherwise), and the chief vampire is none other than Jerry Dandridge's sister who has put her performance art career on hold to seek revenge for what happened to Jerry. I didn't much like Jerry and I was pleased when he died, but Regine is a vampire whose motives I can understand and whose mastery of her chosen arts is unparalleled. I did not wish to see her go! I would have much rather she stayed on as Fright NIght Host in lieu of Peter Vincent's self-congratulatory PSA's about the fanged menace! Alas! No shade on Roddy McDowall who has never been better than he is here. If one of the chief pleasures of sequels is being able to hang out with favorite characters a little while longer, Fright Night 2 gives its audience all of what it might want (well, except for Evil Ed) and many more things it might have never known it wanted (rollerskating goth vampire action, for one!), in a bounteous overflow of arterial blood, moth snacking, and creeping fog! My Heart Forever To Thee Fright Night 2!!!

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