From a Whisper to a Scream

From a Whisper to a Scream ★★★

One could not ask for a better town historian & librarian than Vincent Price, especially if your town is one in which many many terrible and well-documented events have occurred. That all events relayed in this film take place in Oldfield, TN throughout its past, from the relatively recent to the days immediately after the Civil War, give a cohesive Southern Gothic flavor to all of the tales. Although I would never want to visit Oldfield after seeing what goes on there, I very much enjoy Vincent Price telling me about it. A strong wraparound horror host makes for a better anthology film than one without and that is certainly true here. My favorite of these stories is the Civil War one, starring Cameron Mitchell as a dastardly Union Soldier having to confront the lasting pain and ruin brought upon non-combatants through wartime conduct and its aftermath. I am always down for more U.S. Civil War Horror but I suppose war is horrifying enough on its own terms but that is war-horror can feel especially powerful and uncanny. War stories are always horror stories and when me make them into tales of glory and heroism and nobility we do war itself a disservice. Jeff Burr of Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III directed this but he co-wrote it with Darin Scott who also wrote Tales From The Hood. I wish Darin Scott would make more horror anthology movies! So many horror anthologies feel like they were conceived as separate short films hastily bound together. it takes real patience and skill to make something that feels it was always intended to be in that form, that it couldn't be anything else. Darin Scott is one of the best!