Get Out ★★★★★

Whiteness does not exist except as a centuries-long parasitic criminal conspiracy of genocide, oppression, theft, enslavement, kidnapping, extortion, etc. It has no positive meaning, no organic content. Insofar as it exists, it allows for a hollowness to establish itself as a central non-meaning, a displacement of all else to the margins, to a place underneath or below. Whiteness as a category exists because White Supremacy allowed for its creation and created it as a circular justification for the continuing existence of White Supremacy, which is not an ideological claim, but a system of perpetual cruelty. Whiteness is anti-human, anti-life. It obstructs, it renders impossible, tears asunder.

I grew up in a household built on, by, and for White Supremacy. From an early age I was inculcated in White Supremacist propaganda. What I am, how I came to be and how I am in the world, toward myself and toward others, is inseparable from White Supremacy. It is a poison and a rot. I feel it in me every day. It talks to me, it says horrible things, things reinforced by the continued propaganda efforts of White Supremacist relatives, who with age have become only more militant, increasingly hardened in their stances. I am complicit. I am both beneficiary and unwitting victim. The price I have borne is nothing compared to the rest of the world, which suffers and bears the crushing weight of White Supremacy day after day for centuries.

There are no White People. There is only this construct of Whiteness. It cannot survive. It should not survive. There is nothing of value to pull from it. There is nothing meaningful to save. Its hollowness made it a plunderhouse, a treasure chest of the labor and the gifts of others, stolen or coerced, pried from their hands or forced into being through atrocity.

Whiteness needs to be consciously and openly dismantled, in front of the entire world, in the eyes of everyone. It requires active renunciation and careful disassembly, with the parts labeled and acknowledged. It requires reparations. It requires hearing from those it hurt, marginalized, enslaved, murdered, raped and profited from.

There is no between. There is no moderation. The only other option is joining with those who even now are defending Whiteness with their dying breath, summoning all of the tools and weapons at their disposal to maintain it. It is nothing to be preserved. Those who seek it shall be consumed by their own poisonous legacy as they always have been.

Thank You For Reading.

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