Halloween ★★★★★

'Halloween' was filmed in on a couple of streets in Pasadena, California, early Spring 1978. Light is slanted in angles in how it is directed toward the earth in related ways in the Spring and in the Fall. They are rising and falling arcs and the curves can be matched to some extent throughout the year. This is the Wheel of the Year. Ostara aligns with Mabon. Beltane aligns with Samhain, An act of delayed magick can be performed, rituals to project energies six months into the future can be acheived. Even knowing it is Spring and the pumpkins were hard to find and the autumn leaves were fake and had to be reused, the Light works, fading at the horizon, reflecting from car windshields. Once darkness falls, the houses are lit as islands in the darkness, aligned across the street from each other, also in parallel. 'Halloween' is a film of the intersection and parallel of streets, the intersection and parallel of houses, the traffick between and within them. There are two houses, the Doyle House and the Wallace House, they are inhabited first in peace and latterly in conflict. First they are mapped through domestic activities. Then Death comes and the houses are a shield against Death, but how effective a shield? The places worn by routine, by unthinking habit, become made strange through fear and trauma, known but unknown, separated by the ritualized act of sacrifice, so that they may lapse again into routine. Ritual Sacrifice at the moments when the borders are porous, when reality is at its most tenuous, exists to reinscribe the routinized patterns, to reinforce them with life's energies once again. The making of the film 'Halloween' was a magickal act, one composed in the Spring of 1978 to be harvested in the Fall of 1978. Every time this film is watched, every time it is screened, is broadcast, the pattern is renewed, is reinscribed, the sigil is laid across the eyes and the mind of those who bear witness to it. All Hail The Great Work!!! All Hail 'John Carpenter's Halloween'!!!