Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers ★★★★★

The Haddonfield that Michael Myers comes home to in 1988 is colder, meaner, hollowed-out, paranoid and anxious but projecting bravado, occupied with personal status and material comfort in a society which has rejected any sense of collective welfare and all relationships are burdensome or transactional. The nights are warmer, longer and more brightly lit, the darkness flattened, made uniform in pushed back opacity, until the power inevitably fails and it rushes in like water filling a submerged car having gone off a bridge in cop tv slow motion. Michael comes back to Haddonfield only to find Laurie gone, Sheriff Brackett gone, a town emptying itself well before Michael's return. The not-ness, the spreading void at the heart of Haddonfield means it too is becoming a Shape containing spaces that used to have names, that used to have referents which have lost meaning and therefore gone silent. It is no use to talk of them now. Nowhere is safe, Nowhere is home. There are no parents no cops no friends no boyfriends no girlfriends no doctors that can be relied upon to protect us from our own space inside which used to be shaped like a heart a long time ago but isn't shaped like anything anymore.

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