High-Rise ★★★★★

As we have gradually and suddenly settled into our current dystopian future, around us unseen lay the corpses of discarded potential dystopias, lost as the hazy outlines cease to blur and come into sharper, solid focus. Ben Wheatley & Amy Jump's High-rise is one such lost possible dystopia imagined from countless back-of-glossy-heavyweight-magazine full-page adverts and album covers especially prized for their suitability as cocaine runways. It is out of the partial emergence and entire deaths of these potential futures that our own comes to be. Out of the demise of Rococo Disco Brutalism comes Thatcherite Iron-Clad Corporate Neo-Feudalism. That there was a Technocratic Vision of paternalistic rational planning, of a civilization engineered according to the latest passing totalitarianism, the 'capitalism of the state', led to total breakdown, the outright seizure and pillaging of what little resources the lower classes had amassed for themselves since the last major war by a resentful elite who were exhausted by pretending to believe in such a thing as society. The triumph of montage. The funniest movie of the year.

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