Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey ★★★★½

Chantal Akerman on/off the scene lulling the Hotel Monterey and its myriad inhabitants & visitors into a peaceful trance so that she can peacefully navigate and gaze upon them, casting them in screen tests for a potential movie about themselves playing themselves within the Hotel Monterey playing itself as that potential movie collapses into this movie, Hotel Monterey, a fictional recreation of itself inside of itself pretending that it is 1972 in 1972 seriously far out as a series of nearly still lives cast beatifically accompanied by the most amazingly hideous chocolate/avocado/orange accents pretty much ever, even/especially when they are augmenting/clashing with very pale light blues, greens and creams? beige slab quaalude ring upright left standing unmoored from the stars butter left out still in its paper. not to haunt but to contemplate haunting. is something at the far end of the hallway there looking back at you or are you just freaking yourself out or is what is looking at you from the far end of the hallway you and is that what is freaking you out that it might be because it might be better not step forward in case what is there in the far end of the hallway also might then take a step forward at the same time? if there is nothing there does that mean you are a ghost? no. the film is a ghost. the film is here and there and neither here and there and then and now but neither then or now. it can't decide so it stays until it can't stay and then it cuts but it doesn't leave it just is later or earlier. what time of day is this when the walls are breathing but quieted and maybe dreaming the dreams of those who dream within its chambers along with or maybe drowsy but watchful? indetermined until answered bifurcated cut. a pushing forth then backing away or standing so still no one will notice: a zoom or a hold with no target other than its own boundary limits: time travel or picking up where leaving off a wandering back edges clipped, spot-taped in places. to gaze out upon from anywhere to anywhere is also a circuit made, a hidden completion.

a lonely siege tower pointed at the sky along with so many others as if to be launched into space

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