I Am Not a Serial Killer ★★★½

How extra-audible windchimes are in the very cold still air after snowfall (Minnesota Winter)!

PS: I am totally this kid's friend who immediately assumes that werewolves did it. I always assume werewolves are responsible for stuff even in the absence of hard evidence of lycanthropic activity and it isn't because I fear or dislike werewolves. I more or less am a werewolf all of the time anyway and so it makes logical sense to me to attribute stuff to them because I can more easily imagine werewolves doing something like that than what probably happened for real, so I look at something and I am like 'Werewolves Did It!' which makes me a better werewolf than a detective probably? Also I know that the protagonist is probably dressed up like John Wayne Gacy for Halloween but I think he looks like if Tom G Warrior of Celtic Frost had to go out for some reason and the only semi-clean pants there were were clown pajamas. So, yeah, werewolves and black metal, responsible for 95% of the visible world.

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