Klute ★★★★★

The things that aren't hidden are. The things that are hidden aren't. What is immediate is opaque and unknowable. What is out of sight, out of reach will come to you, will be drawn forth by you. The sounds and the images don't match up. There are gaps in what is seen and what is heard. That which is unbroken is impassive. That which is broken is a flood or a vacuum. Frames, slabs, blocks, sheets. An icing over, what slides right off or skids to a stop. Grays, blacks, browns. Puritan colors. The colors of squares or of mourning or of winter. A place to dwell is a haunt. To record and play back is to induce a haunting. To not know oneself is a displacement outward or a falling within, a hiding from. To recollect, to gather together, may not be in the same order, may not be. Like when you hear your voice played back from a recording and it doesn't sound like you at all.

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