Mauvais Sang ★★★★

I was 12 in 1986. It was an important year in cinema for me, containing David Cronenberg's The Fly and James Cameron's Aliens. I was relatively unlettered and uncultured. I didn't know anything about Contemporary French Cinema, but if you had described a Nouvelle Vague Gangster Movie from the 1960's to me, it would have, in my mind, looked nearly exactly like Mauvais Sang. This is pretty awesome. There is whole bunches of movies I still haven't seen by Melville and Godard trash-compacted into this Leos Carax picture, full of the fire and idiocy and bad decisions of youth, the fear and trembling of loss of control, loss of love, the terror of aging. Many many cigarettes are set on fire. There is lots of sound/vision decohesion, to the point where it is a running joke within the movie. Mauvais Sang has sequences here and there that are among the most exhilarating in cinema. One of them features David Bowie's Modern Love and I nearly wept. The other is literally everything Julie Delpy does in this movie. Honestly the least believable thing about this film as well as the dumbest is that you as a protagonist would leave your girlfriend, Julie Delpy, who is crazy about you, to do literally anything, even as potentially awesome as pursuing that life-of-crime hobby you have always wanted to get started? Or is it that you needed the one-last-job to be the first one ever? Who am I to judge? I am sure I have done stupider things in my lifetime. That is something that fills me with actual sadness. Oh well.

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