Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil ★★★★★

Like a spaced-out & supremely haunted West Coast, left-shoe drop to Romero's 'Night of the Living Dead', 'Messiah of Evil' is a wholly singular film which occupies a wholly singular era. There is no other film which feels like this: like the whole world has been hollowed-out and made into a barely convincing deathtrap constructed by death itself for those still alive. The Revolution has failed. The Establishment is entirely discredited. All of Western Civilization is a rudderless ghost ship, a Marie Celeste awaiting its Captain of the Damned, its Nightmare Messiah. The only other film which really captures the spooky isolation of small towns along the California Coast is John Carpenter's 'The Fog', but that is a localized apocalypse. 'Messiah of Evil' is a rupture into our world, starting at Point Dune, like a pencil lead having made a hole in a sheet of paper. Reality is breaking down at the points where it is thinnest, most damaged, the places where no one might notice immediately. Things look OK, they look normal, but for how long? What is churning invisibly under the surface? What is coming up from the unseen depths, the unlit spaces? 'Messiah of Evil' is a stranded fever dream of a movie which plays like all of time running out, but yet, things still keep happening.

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