Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

a dream calls a life into being. A life is ground for a dream and calls the dream into being. Life is the dream the dream is dreaming. The dream is the dream that the life is dreaming. One calls forth the other and in turn is called. The hope and desire of one is echoed and fulfilled. The collapse and failure of one gives rise to as to the cresting and falling of a wave. One is pulled on so hard by the other that it is pulled into, and there it is. There is an ache so strong, a need for that compels, and once compelled, the need does not vanish, but enters into, grows and swells within until it must be banished at all costs. This banishment creates a void. The void creates a need. The need fills the void with itself. The need is attractive, it pulls and tugs upon everything in its radius to enter into compact, into its embrace. The embrace is forever by necessity incomplete, unlasting, that which cannot resolve itself, or put a stay to, because it is born out of need, and shall fall because. An end is put to but is an arising, requiring itself other ends and other means to those ends. Those ends, once met, give rise to yet further means, further ends, endlessly. The dream is the arising before the arising, the seeking toward aches not yet been, ends not yet identified. The ground is the life from which the dream has come, itself which has arisen from another's dream, another which looks like us but which cannot be us because we have not been yet, have not yet been called. What are we waiting for? We are waiting for our names which we do not know until we hear them called, until we see them written, and then, yes, we know, and we arise and go forward to meet that which has called us. Going forward we might get lost, we might lose ourselves, lose what were our surroundings and require a sign, a name, a place in which to be, to sleep in and dream the dreams of that name and that place, dreams we never could have dreamt before, and it was from that name and that place and from within that dream that we called out and were heard by that which came at great distance and at great cost and we knew its name when we saw it and when we heard it and in that moment

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