Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter ★★★★½

retcon/fanservice deaths narrative through surfeit/excess/parody, a parasitic twin having consumed the host takes on its identity which obviously necessitates reconstitution of itself as its own parasitic twin with admin rewrite authority liberated/restricted to remake/reboot itself only in its own image a telephonic down-the-way each stage requiring its own extra-hermeneutic follow-on entry gloss is the only text apocalypse is revelation reveal wipe under reveal wipe reality torn like clearance gift wrap showing ultimate ultimate reality to be whatever we could coat in this thin veneer of simulated grit/dust/gore/physics we live long enough to counter our own obsolescence through an ever-evolving empire of framing devices, hacks and shortcuts. enough patches and tweaks are an ongoing dismantling a form of self-sabotage a replacement for suicide. we had to save the village in order to destroy it. 'real bonecrunching action', justice delivered like pizza: lukewarm, adhered to glue-stripped cardboard arriving when it no longer matters and everyone has already eaten so many doritos the idea of eating lukewarm budget cheese pizza is as nauseating as it is still enticing but it will stop no one. justice is served with a side-order of now-more-realistic-zombie-dogs-and-a-realer-than-really-real-final-final-final girl who is like all the girls all at once who had to fight and fought and now doesn't have to fight anymore but in not fighting anymore realizes the real fight is only beginning: the fight for real justice in a world which has forgotten what justice really means with only this empty pizza box as a hypnogogic clue we will revive civilization from its ashes that it so justly deserved becoming rising newly purified from those who would unjustly purify it in the name of unrighteousness thank goodness we got here first/last/just in the nick of time we the lowest of the low that which is less than nothing we are the sacred holy vessel of purgative violence after which the kingdom until a new threat looms upon the horizon that looks suspiciously like the threat we just defeated with some additional features like maybe their jaws distend further or they have more eyes or can fly and this is somehow a really big problem once again requiring the annihilation and reconstitution of our project of maintaining life on earth a project all agree is universally immoral and corrupt bringing about conditions unfavorable to long-term survival an unstable state of affairs engendering its own collapse the only potential outcome unless we act, the only ones who can, uniquely and specially qualified to save a world which has no room in it for us now but after we save it through its own destruction the world will happily admit us that which it formerly despised but the world in being so remade no longer matters like it did no matter how loud the crunching and smashing no matter how gnarly the cgi guts squush why are we here how long have we been here for in what bodies cannot anyone put a stop to this wait there is a prophecy

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