Slugs ★★★

Slugs exists in the most aesthetically unpleasing late 1980's U.S. Suburbia ever committed to film. Nearly every aesthetic choice is nicotine-and-alcohol-stained florals, dulled pastels, the worst admixture of faded garish and built-in grime. I have lived in that world, and Slugs fully represents it. I personally think slugs are cute and used to bring them snacks from the fridge as a small child, while endeavoring to pet them, so I am not the target audience for a movie about gross killer slugs, most of whom seem to be real slugs, especially early on. The amount of animal murder and distress in this movie is also pretty high, so the overall impression that it grants me is one of low-grade icky disturbance and panic. That Juan Piquer Simon of Pieces fame directed this later on in the same decade adds to its overall vibes of random filth and drop out and impressive gore. Scenes will end before they seem like they should, stuff happens that doesn't appear to be followed up on or is only done so incidentally later on. I am rooting for the slugs. Our sewage problem is not their fault. I will pretty watch any movie with a collective animal title made before overabundant and inexpensive CGI. One wonders why they didn't make a mid-90's Slugs Vs. Ticks. Then I would have rooted for the ticks. The best part about Slugs other than the Health Inspector PTSD Slug Flashback sequence is the Halloween Party wherein a bunch of High School kids drove their cars to a field, kept them running with the headlights on, put a Jack-O-Lantern atop a truck cab, brought some cheap beer and cheaper pizza, hopefully some ditchweed and danced amidst the cars to some metal cheeze about Armies Of Chaos. That is EXACTLY what those kinds of parties were like for me circa Slugs Release Date! Good job Slugs.

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