The Masque of the Red Death

The Masque of the Red Death ★★★★½

i regret to inform that here in 2018 AD we now have a famously germophobic ruler who in making a pact with evil has sealed off the border to those fleeing death whilst amusing himself with games of cruelty and moral corruption directed at his courtiers who laugh uproariously as the whole of the world dies around us and it is not remotely as awesome as i had been promised. i await a refund and would like to speak to your manager.

woe betide those who believe stolen wealth and sufficient walls can keep from them that which awaits us all!

((tfw u get married to satan, drop a bunch of acid, die a thousand deaths and finally come down only to get slashed to death by some stupid bird

except for that last part, this has totally happened to me at least once?))

hey also if I could somehow have Vincent Price's voice piped through the air ducts of my ancient apartment chanting Satanic Invocations I am sure I would sleep way better at night? (and stop listening to political podcasts at bedtime!)

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