The Strangers: Prey at Night ★★★★★

so here we are at the end or near enough at the end that we can feel it right there the way you can feel a door a hairsbreadth away from your eye and your eyelashes don't quite touch it but you have stopped and you can feel the doorness of the door right there and you didn't run into the door and you are collecting yourself and an axe comes through the door into your face but it doesn't kill you not yet and if you survive the axe to the face you won't be the same even if they reconstruct whatever is left and even if you are lucky not to have the axe and the door splinters and the bone fragments of what was your skull cleave apart your brain you are not going to be ok because you weren't ok before that before that totally sucked and it took everything in you just to get up that day even though you hadn't slept and everything hurt just to start and taking the pain medicine and getting in the car and going there and going back and the car doesn't start and doesn't start again and you kind of start to panic and finally the car starts and it is wet and midnight in the supermarket parking lot and the ice had turned to water and now is turning back into ice but not for long and finally you go home to something that isn't even a home whose walls are too thin for it to be a home and it is too cold to be a home and it is too full of garbage that can't be cleared to be a home and you get inside and close one door and go to close another and stop short right in front of it and there you say to yourself that you almost collided with the door but didn't and at least there is that and right then that is when the axe comes through the door and somehow you always knew it would end up something stupid and random like this but stupid and random springloaded decades ago a doom that precedes you that precedes all immediate agency a doom traced back into the aether so far back you cannot see because it has always been and see that now condensed into solidity and velocity and immediate impact and what comes after that for however long it is

why not

night is going to start forever

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