The Void

The Void ★★★

The Void has what you are looking for, if what you are looking for is a steady atmosphere of grim, forlorn dankness, barely sufficient acting with flares of something beyond, nearly abandoned rotting hospitals, extraterrestrial gods, beshrouded cultists with knives, and XTREME Carpenter Worship executed with dope practical effects. The Void also scores in not fetishizing retro-ness, nor in winking at its audience, but forging its own updates and patches to well-hewn and precleared form. As a film it is more set-up and pay-off of set-pieces but for myself this enhances rather than detracts from durability and rewatchableness. The Void is totally a movie I can see myself throwing on just because it is late in the evening and I can vibe to it. If this review is more utilitarian than inspired, I offer only the apology of writing a review in the style of someone assessing the kind of tool you plug in to operate on the Sears Craftsman website, and doing so with earnest favor. Sometimes to get through the night, one needs something reasonably strong and reliable which will function as a known quantity, not offering any terribly bad discursions or overly janky side-effects. The Void works and for that I hail it and its efforts. <3 nathaxnne

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