• But I'm a Cheerleader

    But I'm a Cheerleader


    i will watch Cannibal Holocaust pretty much whenever? i watch Cannibal Holocaust 4 comfort, i watch Cannibal Holocaust 4 fun. i watch Cannibal Holocaust 2 relax, chill out, vape, feel bad about the poor turtle & its friends in blessed death but feel better through watching Cannibal Holocaust. i think about that movie all the time, like part of my brain is always playing Cannibal Holocaust but also Cannibal Ferox but also But I'm A Cheerleader a movie i love so…

  • Ambulance




    Michael Bay does not believe in the transcendent reality of systems. systems are composed of individuals. individuals are incompetent, individuals fail. Michael Bay does not believe in society. Society is composed not of rules or laws or norms or customs but of individuals, some of whom can be counted upon to do what you expect of them in a given situation and some of whom you cannot. Michael Bay believes in creating & maintaining logistical…

  • Madonna: Blond Ambition World Tour Live

    Madonna: Blond Ambition World Tour Live


    2 be Madonna is 2 reject a subject position which admits powerlessness. 2 be Madonna is 2 project will. 2 be Madonna is 2 be power itself, 2 identify with power in its basest most elemental forms

    Madonna putting on lingerie is Jeanne D'Arc putting on blessed armor

    Madonna hates a dress more than anyone ever hates wearing a dress ever except when she feels like wearing a dress & fucking rocks it bc she is Madonna wearing a dress. Madonna…

  • You Won't Be Alone

    You Won't Be Alone


    2 my witch-daughter: i am so proud of u. i am so proud of the witch that u have become & that u r becoming still. as witches, how do we measure inheritance? how do we measure legacy? how do we measure family? we are what we do. our bodies are the craft. our bodies are the weaving. i am the path i cut through space. i am the matting i am the gnarl i am the knot unwoven. i must…

  • Prozac Nation

    Prozac Nation

    u ever like just flash on something so obvious that u have always known 2 be true bc u know the before & the after? when u see the schematic, u see the model & u can't unsee it but its a trap, a binary, an opposition, a half-truth, another way 2 lie. AKA

    Yr. Girl Kinda Sorta Not-Really Livetweets Prozac Nation: The Movie (2001) its a twt its a stream its a party void where prohibited void where unprohibited void void…

  • Suspiria


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    the best & most recuperative dissent 2 my majority opinion i could offer Suspiria (2018) were i so inclined is that it is obviously a trans witch princess story? a crypto-remake of Carrie (1976) where all the mean girls are TERF's & Carrie White gets 2 keep her flowers & her tiara at the end like when Dorothy puts her house down & is the new witch queen of oz? she has a special witch-void full of stars that opens up where her heart…

  • Suspiria


    i hate this movie so fucking much. like i hate it in my body. i hate it so much i didn't want 2 write this review. i hate it so much i dnf'ed it last night hoping i could stop thinking about it and put it out of my mind and just forget i ever watched it. i knew i was going 2 hate this movie before i ever started watching it but i wanted that not 2 be true.…

  • Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour

    Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour


    Madonna is a punk. Madonna is a punk because anyone could be Madonna, even Madonna. Madonna is a punk because no one could be Madonna, not even Madonna. Madonna wasn't a superstar because she was good at writing songs or dancing or putting together outfits. Madonna is a superstar because she is Madonna. what else is she going to do? other stars you can imagine them at other jobs, doing other things. Madonna u can imagine doing those jobs, u…

  • Cathy



    as a girl growing up in the 1980's the daily comic strips that felt the most like me, like my life, were For Better Or For Worse & Cathy. The thought of making serialized semi-autobiographical art on an ongoing basis 4 millions of people was astonishing 2 me in its bravery and its openness. in a world before the internet, where 2 be a star, 2 be real in cultural currency meant 2 have access to mass media, 2 monoculture, how…

  • Vampyros Lesbos

    Vampyros Lesbos

    tfw when u wanna get dommed by evil vampires soooo bad that u weird reverse-Castle flex, negging evil vampire witches in ur area in2 reviewing ur 14 year old misogynist MRA photoplay by calling them liars in the comment sections of their autobiographical reviews like the obvious panting femdom/reveng3-4-femdom simp that u r LMAO 'mommy? daddy? my bisexual erasure fantasy is like like ok WHAT IF? there was a girl who liked me? ik, ik, stay with me, but like…

  • Nosferatu



    Not Otherwise Specified Foreign Extremist Radical Anarchy Terror Unit

    hail 2 thee belial king of earth!!! love 2 u in ur mighty works & actions, in ur unruly sovereignty, in ur coils upon coils upon coils hold me close 2 ur hearts <3 <3 <3

    let us colloquy: what demarcates the body of a vampire? Where does it stop? Where does it begin? Can it be localized to a place? To a specific outbreak? how far back in time? Is the…

  • Carrie



    hail 2 thee carrie white may u reign in blood 43VR!!! <3 <3 <3

    carrie white your dress was pink now it is red in the blood of ten thousand gender cops carrie white you made your dress because no one would buy you a dress because it wasn't safe 2 shop 4 a dress because they would laugh at u they would mock u there is no money for a dress u would be abused for wanting a dress…