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    The culturally overdetermined and wholly necessary advent of metametahorror operates in the space above/below and to the sides of XXth Century, or Traditional Metahorror, wherein the Horror Text becomes aware of itself as a text formulated and feeding back upon the formation of horror texts primarily through participation in Structural Analysis, comparative study, where elements common and variant mix-and-match-and-remix to form new texts, as occurs in folkloric or collective authorship where iterative cycles of telling and retelling have worn away…

  • The Mother of Tears

    The Mother of Tears


    OK, so the first thing that I need u to realize before we proceed is that Suspiria is dumb as all hell and makes almost no sense no matter how many times you watch it which is why it is so good! obviously Suspiria has a beginning and an end we know this because at the start Jessica Harper is in a taxi and at the end the end credits play. at the start a lot of people die but…

  • Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman

    Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman


    "Lynda Carter 🎃
    @ RealLyndaCarter

    Trans women are Wonder Women. End of story.

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    Condensing The Best Television Program Of The 1970's into like three minutes with a bonus disco karaoke wonder woman liberation jam tagged on the end, Dara Birnbaum knows to focus on the important stuff: glittery swoopy evening gowns displaced/replaced via twirling in front of three-way-plus full-length ladies dressing room mirrors,…

  • Tron



    Whenever u get super down or are having a difficult week, remember that in 1982, Disneycorp gave Wendy Carlos her very own 2-hr computer-generated cyberpunk resurrection antimatter lazer lightshow to peak and valley electroacoustic synthorg orchestral blurs and whonks and durrrrs within/without, and everyone went to see it at the movies because it was completely awesome and everyone played the hyperreal arcade game at the arcade and a trans woman got paid. What is messed up and what might make…

  • Song of the South

    Song of the South

    Joel Chandler Harris was a white author, journalist and folklorist in the American South operational in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is most famous for collecting and re-writing African American Folktales in his own made-up dialect which attempted to reproduce the speech patterns of the speakers themselves through a fictional framing character, Uncle Remus, a character adapted from Joel Chandler Harris's day job at the Atlanta Constitution, where he and other white authors would create fictional African…

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    I like watching witch movies mostly for vibes and solidarity. I don't find witches especially scary. Generally unless we are up to some Evil Queen or Helena Markos #girlboss shit we spend our time foraging, researching, meditating, communing, tripping out, chanting, riding the night, u know, stuff that rules!!! In order for there to be witch horror someone somewhere has to fuck with a witch. Now this witch can be living or dead it does not matter. Life and death,…

  • The Fantasy Explosion

    The Fantasy Explosion

    utterly hilarious that a) the full title of this is literally Youth Probe Presents The Fantasy Explosion and b) Tim LaHaye & Friends fantasy-shame me and my friends in 1985 for liking heavy metal, comic books, occultism, rpg, sword & sorcery, weed, porn, video games, daytime tv, Prince, Liquid Sky & Bonnie Tyler(!!) at the height of Reagan's efforts to lull Cishet White Christian America into a make-believe 1950's where they only had themselves to look at and when even that proved too…

  • Dune


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Despite efforts to trouble and autocritique, Dune remains by definition an imperialist white cishet male savior narrative. I do not feel qualified to attempt a holistic analysis of the myriad ways Dune ultimately reinforces extant hegemony, so I offer a thread which hopefully will be illustrative. I cannot imagine that I am the only trans or nonbinary person who read the Dune Saga obsessively in their tweenhood as a vehicle for navigation of their own gender issues but that is…

  • Devilman - Volume 1: The Birth

    Devilman - Volume 1: The Birth


    watching 1980's demon anime always makes me feel anxious and melancholy because inevitably a bunch of demons get slaughtered violently sometimes for eating/violating/murdering humans but most frequently for just being gross/unstable/monstrous/unsavory when all that they are doing is like chilling in the corner or walking around or dancing at the disco minding their own business when someone totally starts screaming 'its a demon!!!', stabbing/hacking/burning with total impunity, convinced they are right to be doing this because i mean look at…

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    brb! running for Haddonfield School Board on an anti-mask platform! gonna institute the Global War On Slasher Villainy!! (GWOSV!!) & erect a memorial in the town square to honor the lives of the first responders lost not only to Michael Myers but to all faceless killers!!! your sacrifice matters!!! every slasher movie over the last fifty years would have had a vastly lower body count resulting in long stretches of aimless wandering or pointless dialogue, elevated tracking shots of treelines, nine…

  • Dave Chappelle: The Closer

    Dave Chappelle: The Closer


  • Sleepaway Camp

    Sleepaway Camp


    SCUC = Society for Cutting Up Campers