• Police State

    Police State

    police on my gock, pt. 2

    cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick it makes me sick cops on my dick


    cops on…

  • Ring: Complete Edition

    Ring: Complete Edition


    Ring (1995)

    Why Sadako Is The Best

    Sadako is the best & most raddest for lots of reasons. It would take me a long time to list all of them in fact I would not be able to exhaustively illustrate Sadakos radness if I began now & did nothing else until this body expired but one of the reasons Sadako is the best & most raddest is that Sadako is basically like Dracula or a Sadako is like a Dracula in that they…

  • Ring 0

    Ring 0


    ring: zero AKA I WAS A TEENAGE SADAKO is a movie near & dear 2 my hearts. First off, Sadakos outfits (not just the white nightgown!) are absolute Y2K 🔥from the pleated & non-pleated floor length skirts ranging from neutral to neutraler 2 her adorable cable-knit longsleeve zip-up pale pink hoodie sweater that show her trying to be demure trying to fit in trying to just go be an actress in a drama troupe to share her art with the world in…

  • The Spiral

    The Spiral

    I'm not going to post this bc its dumb but my whole lbxd rvw of ringu: spiral would be:

    BLLL SSSSS: Bisexual Lesbian Ladies Love Sexy Satanic Seduction Succubus Sadako

  • Ring



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.


  • Joker



    Evil Clown Movie Hateration Reflux Tour 2023 Vol. 2

    This is a whiny fucking snowflake movie for whiny fucking snowflakes. I didn't rewatch this movie I couldn't bear to despite knowing I will watch Joker 2: Jokers Wilder specifically for Lady Gaga? I already hate myself even more for having chosen to do so I can only hope that it is a Hangover vs Hangover 2 movie where the sequel is so much better it feels like a masterpiece in…

  • Trained In The Ways of Men

    Trained In The Ways of Men

    21 years after the sexual assault and murder of Gwen Araujo have we as a society moved forward become enlightened learned anything from her awful death at the hands of her friends her sexual partners the people she partied with the people she got high with the people she fucked? We want to believe in the aftermath of grotesque injustice that now things must change now things cannot remain as they are surely now everyone must see the reality of…

  • Terrifier



    Terrifier 3: Gorno Holocaust (2024)

    My neovagina is an axe-wound waiting to happen I can't wait any longer it has been centuries I take the scissors I take the garden shears I cut my penis and testicles off at the root blood and viscera gushes out it is ooey-gooey I finger-fuck the geyser of blood and gore until my fist fits it is red it is slick I am giving birth to myself from my brand new diy pussy who's…

  • Until the Light Takes Us

    Until the Light Takes Us

    "FAUST In Support of the True Warrior Bard 'Faust' Eithun who serves 14 years for Murder and Arson FAUST" - Commemorative T-Shirt for Bard 'Faust' Eithun (Emperor)

    "Well, when I was told that Faust actually killed this fucking faggot back in Lillehammer I was quite surprised because ... I mean, I didn't think he had the guts to do such a thing but ... I mean I really honor him for that" - Jan Axel 'Hellhammer' Blomberg (Mayhem)

    "I think…

  • Idiocracy


    "We don't need or want animals to stand on their own two feet, so to speak. In fact our domestication of them to a very large degree, or even completely, ruins that ability. A milk cow let loose today, for example, would die real quick. It has been specialized in milk production so much that if she is not milked regularly this will kill (italics) her.

    With humans we do the same, or we do the same to ourselves; because…

  • Idiocracy


    U know when people say they feel personally attacked by a film? I broke up with Mike Judge while I was watching this on DVD when it was a new release. I was born three plus months prematurely in 1974. I was born with intellectual/cognitive/learning disabilities some of which were incredibly obvious even at the time others took decades for me to uncover on my own. I never received a formal autism diagnosis bc in the twentieth century to be…

  • Cam Girlz

    Cam Girlz


    definitely feels like 2014/15 the apex of early '10$ online culture impossibly distant now. Shot in a hazy impressionist manner to intentionally invoke an ambient freeform drift the internet has never actually been but can sometimes seem like U can already feel the storm gathering the other shoes about to drop or in progress: sesta/fosta, craigslist, gamer gate, global fascism, trump. Early 10$ internet culture was liberating bc it allowed u to be ur real cringey fantastical nerdy disabled totally…