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  • Stalker



    this isn’t a movie. it’s a cathedral

  • The Man Who Fell to Earth

    The Man Who Fell to Earth


    a movie about profound loneliness, isolation, and alcoholism is also inevitably a movie about connection, real, deep, wordless connection that dissolves the flesh and makes the borders of the mind porous and absorbent, and how the seductions of capitalism and earthly modern life make this connection both deeply attractive and utterly impossible to realize in our daily experience, even as we devote our lives to it, arrange our fantasies and our social interactions around it, destroy others and ourselves in…

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  • Batman & Robin

    Batman & Robin


    3.5 stars is an arbitrary rating bc how do you apply a qualitative system to a movie that prioritizes and celebrates the beauty and formal brutality of quantity. every frame looks like a kind of mass-produced candy.  this is part two of joel schumacher's two film series about the inherent meaninglessness of heterosexuality, so every surface is gay—the muscles and nipples sculpted perfectly into the batman and robin costumes and into the enormous statues that flow between buildings in a…

  • Kedi



    lol what i'm about to say is super corny but right after i got home from this movie i fed my cats and there was suddenly a lot more poetry to the experience