Possessor ★★★★

The film is currently being hyped and treated as the new hot shit...
and not entirely without reason.

In terms of visuals and aesthetics, "Possessor", the second feature film by the Cronenberg offspring, is on the very highest level. Especially since one has to bear in mind that the film was made with a minimum of postproduction optical effects and was shot in camera. This does not only apply to the gore scenes and practical effects, but also to the use of "real" colour filters, etc. The richness of ideas and the range of effects are of the highest standard. The wealth of ideas and the range of different effects is immense and is also directly noticeable in a positive way in the film.
The resulting atmosphere is therefore incredibly dense and rich. Especially in direct comparison to current horror pieces, the film seems pleasantly vivid and haptically tangible.
For this reason alone, "Possessor" is hard to resist and is one morbidly beautiful nightmare.

In view of this, it may seem rather inappropriate to make any claims about the story. In the end, the film worked well in terms of structure, but I missed not being more emotionally involved.
I don't want to spoil here and those who don't know the film should at best know nothing in advance and just scroll to the last paragraph.
Briefly about the story: Andrea Riseborough, as Tasya Vos, commits contract murders, but in the bodies of different people, and threatens to alienate herself from herself and her family. Some scenes, like the first return from one of these trips, worked perfectly well for me emotionally. In the further course, however, this could have been elaborated a little more carefully, characters could have been drawn more vividly and sympathetically, which would have made the finale a little more effective. Although it was extremely bloody and pleasantly consistent, it didn't really shock me for long.
Unlike some films by Sion Sono, von Trier or Gaspar Noe, for example, which proceed on similarly arty nightmarish terrain. But some of them reached me more emotionally and thus disturbed me in the long term. Admittedly, this is complaining at a high level and the previous directors are real heavyweights.
So I'm simply looking forward to Cronenberg Junior's first film and hopefully many more to come! Let's see what time will show.

Even though I can't quite agree with all the "masterpiece" statements and top ratings, I'm actually dying to see it again as I write this, and "Possessor" is easy until then:

Pretty bloody, trippy and just a damn well made nightmare.

By the way, the uncut GB-BD comes with some good featurettes on the making of the film as well as the director's short film "Please Speak Continuously and Describe Your Experiences as They Come to You", which anticipates some of the content and style elements.

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