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  • Laughing Target

    Laughing Target

    An ok story about some dudes demonic yandere cousin. Made me think that I should read that complete Tomie book a brought like 2 years ago then forgot I owned.

  • Don't Answer the Phone!

    Don't Answer the Phone!

    A movie about a fat guy raping and murdering women while wearing a camo jacket. A few even fall for his traps because when has a fat guy in a camo jacket ever been untrustworthy? The first victim just got off the phone when he got her, maybe if she hadn't have answered the phone she would have been more aware? Besides that it doesn't have much to do with phones besides a call back radio psychologist the killer rings…

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  • When Black Birds Fly

    When Black Birds Fly

    This was probably my most anticipated film for 2016. To refer to it as a bad trip is the understatement of the century. I haven't done that many drugs in my life but the mate I watched it with was on heroin for a while in his early days. He described this film as like being on a high and trying to wake yourself up from it but you just can't, he even said in a way it terrified him…

  • Rakka


    New short by Neill Blomkamp. Decent with really cool designs but clearly just a proof of concept for something larger they are trying to make happen. Interested to see how it develops from here but.