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  • Masterminds


    Die hard as a 90's kid movie. It's fine.

  • Suffer, Little Children

    Suffer, Little Children

    One star for the zombie dream, one star for the flying furniture, A separate star for each kill, a star for the ending and minus a star for every minute they spend talking about Basil falling down the stairs. So I think that adds up to about minus 37.

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  • When Black Birds Fly

    When Black Birds Fly

    This was probably my most anticipated film for 2016. To refer to it as a bad trip is the understatement of the century. I haven't done that many drugs in my life but the mate I watched it with was on heroin for a while in his early days. He described this film as like being on a high and trying to wake yourself up from it but you just can't, he even said in a way it terrified him…

  • Rakka


    New short by Neill Blomkamp. Decent with really cool designs but clearly just a proof of concept for something larger they are trying to make happen. Interested to see how it develops from here but.