Well, I enjoyed Midsommar way more than Hereditary!! I should say that I didn’t care for Hereditary at all though. Midsommar worked better for me. 

It’s a gorgeous looking movie. It’s bright, clean, and colorful. There’s a ton of great cinematography. It’s full of interesting symbols and rituals. 

It actually has a sense of humor too. A handful of scenes had the audience cracking up. Will Poulter (from Bandersnatch) stole the show. 

However, the movie is way too long. No need for it to be two hours and twenty minutes. There just wasn’t enough payoff for that runtime. There’s a couple gnarly scenes, but the rest skirted brutality for tension. I can’t really say that tension was ever released, although the ending implied it was. 

I would’ve liked to have seen more of the character Ruben as well. That was a whole lot of makeup for such an underutilized character who is on the cover of Fangoria. 

Midsommar is a bad trip drenched in unending sunshine. It’s highly-stylized and deliberately crafted. Director Ari Aster’s attention to detail reminded me of Wes Anderson in some places. Midsommar has been compared to the Wicker Man. 

That comparison is accurate, but it also felt a bit like Holy Mountain, a smidge of The Ruins, and the most minimal La Croix-level hint of Texas Chainsaw Massacre flavor. ☀️