Parasite ★★★★★


I stepped in late, about 10:30 pm. The theater was dark, it was November 4th. I felt my way to my seat, and sat, awaiting the start of the film. 

When I came out, it was almost 1 in the morning, on November 5th, my birthday. That had been the last thing on my mind. The first was everything I had seen in the last two hours. 

I sat in my car, and didn’t turn it on for a few minutes. I let the cold sink in from the outside, and let the cold from the film sink in as well. I had felt cynicism before in my life, but never like this. I had never felt as though my dreams were attacked by a viewing. 

I had never felt as though I could never make it, I always thought I could. I went in 17, knowing I could make anything I want happen, and came out 18, doubting anything I had ever dreamed. Is it possible to climb the ladder to where I want? Will I fall? If I do, will I keep going, or will I realize that the fall is killing me before it’s too late?

And on the movie itself:

I almost felt discouraged. I almost felt as though there’s a level of storytelling my work would never reach, a road I would never be able to travel. Never have I seen a film that can appeal to general audiences with how entertaining it is, but appeal to those who enjoy the analysis as well, who study films as though their high school English teachers assigned them instead of The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye

But I feel now as though I can almost look at this as an aspiration. Something that I can look up to, imitate, and perhaps eventually reach. Over a journey of 2 hours, I was once again reminded of what this medium can be, and once again reminded of what I should make it for myself, and for those who consume it.