Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Gallo's camera finds humanity and dashed hope in the ugliest of moments.

The cycle of abuse playing out in real time, and watching it be broken by someone simply choosing to believe and invest in someone. Seeing the broken boy rise out of Jimmy, knowing all he needed was to be a fool and rush in, but inertia kept him trapped in this shit town in this shit house with a shit life, and the only way he can escape is the catharsis of anger.

Toxicity as a resource that needs to be purged, it needs to be expelled from you before you can love. Shamefully huddling over a tree to relieve yourself.

A new point of view as your cruelty rationalizes.

The comfort of a heart cookie, knowing someone before you has felt this exact experience and wanted to make a tangible reminder. For once, you realize you are not alone in more than one way.


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