Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★★

Won’t ever quite be able to understand how some folks see this as just another entry in the anthology of shitty dude cinema or even just twee whimsy given a working class coat of paint. Vincent Gallo creates maybe some of the most affecting cinema of survivorship and trauma, the inability to physically be touched or loved, the constant aggression, the securing of attachment through monetary transactions (whether it be the loan of a quarter to begin or a 95 cent cookie to seal the commitment), it’s all there. 

Quite affected by the idea of the bathroom in this film as the ultimate safe space. It’s a place where Billy is finally in control of his body, and its the intrusions in this space that spark the most conflict of the greatest catharsis. Intrusion on his sexual organ creates a rage you don’t see for the rest of the film, while in the bathtub he finally decides to make himself vulnerable in the physical sense and be seen as a sensual being. Rings quite true. 

A perfect film. 


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