Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★

There’s nothing I can attempt to say about Avengers: Endgame without sounding ridiculously trite, because everything I need to say about it has already been spoken before the movie was even released. But hell, I may as well try to convey every single one of my thoughts on it because damn it, this is the movie of a lifetime. Ever since Tony Stark was imprisoned in a cave and built a suit to break out, fate has brought him--and a plethora of other heroes like him--centerfold into the new world order, catapulted into wars between good and evil, sometimes more complex but often just the same old battle with a new color tint over it. 

Endgame is not that.

Every frame of this film oozes the pitfalls of society’s collapse. Fear. Loss. Anger. Rage. Suffering. Pain. The downward spiral of all of these films accentuates our heroes’ need for reconciliation and closure, allowing the viewer to, for the first time in a long time, realize that these are humans. Humans that have the same emotions, the same triggers, the same love for each other, and there’s nothing wrong with accepting that. More than ever, there’s a sense of mortality, but remove the “t” and you have morality, which is equally as necessary and doubly as impactful.

I just want to thank Marvel for ten years of bringing joy to people. Not me specifically, but a whole group of people who need that inspiration in their lives. Mundanity is something I’ve always had an issue with and cinema is supposed to escort us always from our own world and into the world of these larger-than-life characters. I see kids who love these heroes so much and who are inspired by them. Sure, they have powers, but they’re human underneath all that. They give people inspiration that they need. 

I loved this movie 3000. It made me feel so many things all at once, and that final shot is one for the ages. This is a movie about loss and the things we do out of our own denial of it, but it’s also about balance and the struggle between good and evil, fate and free will, who will overpower the other. I just...I’m feeling so many things right now. It’s all a rush of blood to the head and I feel like I’ve been sucker-punched but also at peace at the same time. This has one of the most beautiful endings I’ve ever seen, plain and simple. I’m an emotional mess right now but I’ll have some spoilery thoughts in the morning. Love y’all ❤️

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