Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★★½

"We never wanted to see snow again, so we lived in Florida. Tiny place, but it was comfortable, and we were happy. I mean, we were grieving. We were traumatized, but there was happiness too. She...she would look away. She'd look at me, but she'd always look away after a second or two. It took me a while to notice it. But after the Overlook, she wouldn't look me in the eyes, not for long. Couldn't figure it out. But was you. She saw your eyes in me, and she'd have to look away. It tortured her to have to do that. So I fixed it. I fixed it for her, and it was the last time I ever used it. So that she wouldn't see you anymore when she looked at me. I was 20 when she died. And back then, I saw when someone was gonna die. I saw flies. Black flies. 'Death flies,' I called them, circling people's faces. And in those last weeks, she was covered...her whole face. I could barely see her eyes. And I...I tried to comfort her, but I could hardly look at her. And she saw that. She just lay there dying, with her son who couldn't look at her."

better than The Shining. don't bother arguing with me, i am right.

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