Happy Together

Happy Together ★★★★½

"Turns out, lonely people are all the same."

I think the opening act of this movie, which is shot in black and white, serves as less of a simplistic rendering of the past and instead comes across as a contrast of fractured dissonance, a mirror of romance and abuse and the superficiality that makes up this relationship. Lai's struggles to pull away when Ho pushes into his psyche exude a heartbreakingly realistic take on toxic relationships that never fails to complement everlasting loneliness and the potential for a better future. Four films into Kar-Wai's filmography and I don't have a single one of them below a 4.5, which pretty much goes to show how well this man is able to portray the human soul so effectively. Touching without crossing the line of melodrama, gutting without feeling emotionally manipulative. Near perfection.

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