Midsommar ★★★★

My god, this film is so nuanced and detailed. I don’t think it really matters how many viewings one has, there’s always going to be pieces and clues and details that one picks up. And I’m not just talking narratively, either. Something I noticed about Dani is that when she’s on the phone with Christian at the very beginning, her emotions kind of reel in immediately as he tells her to keep her emotions in check, and then right as he mentions the possibility of something bad, she immediately reverts back to tears. Pugh does amazing at balancing these emotions and utilizing them to a greater acting advantage. 

Even though I do have some problems with this film, namely the seemingly too coincidental occurrences of Dani’s May Queen crowning and Christian’s sex ritual (feels a bit fabricated), there’s too many other layers to the story for me to not ignore, which is why it gets a lot of props in that department, from me at least. Love love love the ending as well; I don’t see it ever getting old. It’s very cathartic. Plus, that end credits song...perfect choice. 

Gotta love Aster’s commitment to the medium here. Production design, costumes, Bobby Krlic’s score...they’re all amazing. I can’t see myself ever not loving this movie. I like Hereditary a lot, but I love this one so much more. Seriously phenomenal stuff.

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