The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★


Fields of green and castles of grandeur. Assertion of dominance; renewal of power on the part of Her Majesty, Queen Anne. Inside her royal hierarchy, a house of cards implodes from the inside, the result of a triangle of undying fealty and love for she. By the queen’s bedside are rabbits, seventeen. Speckled and colored of all different sorts, they are caged and allowed to roam free when it suits best. As the caretakers begin to fall deeply into the abyss that is the Queen’s bed, the trouble begins. Assassination. Exile. Ultimatums. Breaches of trust, dirty in their nature, but all for Her. All for the Queen. Relationships destroyed; lives crushed under the massive feet of a woman so powerful that she might as well be crushing a rabbit. Beacause in their own way, the queen’s caretakers are her rabbits; minuscule under the Queen’s shadow and completely helpless in the face of power.

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