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This review may contain spoilers.

So much stuff you notice upon second viewing that makes you appreciate it 10x more. The mirror imagery especially stands out (and there's a fuckton of it) but the scene where Jason is playing and comes out from under the sink is also pretty prevalent, as well as the 11:11 stuff. The vision Peele crafted is so much clearer and the film itself is better for that. Love the music; Michael Abels needs more gigs 'cause this guy is a genius.

I think a lot of people misinterpreted this film and said that it tries to explain how we're all our own worst enemy, and that can be partially said for some of this film's motives. But the twist ending reveal that Red was the real Adelaide kind of shows how neither of them were an enemy at all. Nature was an enemy to them; one wanted to escape and put her past behind her and the other was forced into a situation where she was scared to death and simply wanted closure...revenge is a part of that.

A stunning masterwork.

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