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  • The Gambler

    The Gambler

    Welcome to the 1974 Cann-a-thon...

    After discussing FREEBIE AND THE BEAN last week, Randy and Jakub dive into the craps tables, bad sports bets, and Burt Young shakedowns in the James Caan-led THE GAMBLER, directed by Karel Reisz.

    Even though its 2014 remake came and went without much fanfare, the guys insist that 1974's THE GAMBLER is a solid exploration of addiction and in its storytelling fits in nicely with the likes of ROCKY, TAXI DRIVER, and other New Hollywood filmmakers' work of the day.

    RIP in James Caan.


  • Freebie and the Bean

    Freebie and the Bean

    Join Jakub and Randy as they discuss the origins of the 'Buddy Cop' sub-genre while exploring James Caan's unsung range as a performer, the allure of Richard Rush, and the alarm of seeing Alan Arkin with hair.

    Uncut Gems Episode #85 coincides with an in-person screening of FREEBIE AND THE BEAN in Charlottetown, PE. A fun big-screen experience.

    Hot Takes & Sus Opinions
    "FREEBIE AND THE BEAN may very well be a French New Wave film dressed up as a DIRTY HARRY parody."

    "From an perspective of modern-day appropriateness, the credits may well be more problematic in the film's racist characters."


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    Jaws 3-D

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