Nocturnal Animals

Nocturnal Animals ★★★★½

Do you ever feel like your life has turned into something you never intended?”

Man, this film is good. You think it's going in one direction and it flips and pulls you in another. All the of actors/actresses who are in this film are firing on all cylinders. Aaron Taylor Johnson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, and of course Michael Shannon who is the standout of the bunch.

It's a dark, moody, and tragic film. With two separate plotlines running at once. One concerning a woman who's ex husband sent her his novel to read. And the other is the story in the novel. Which is dark and tragic look at how he feels his ex wife has betrayed him, and what it has done to him.

Honestly, I'm not saying anymore. This movie begs to be seen. And can we somehow get Michael Shannon fucking Oscar for this somehow? I know it's 5 years ago, but holy shit man.


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